Powell – Sport

Data di Uscita: 14/10/2016

Powell - Sport

Ciao Oscar, come stai? Parlaci del tuo ultimo disco, “Sport”.

Living this life as an artist can feel very much like being trapped inside a giant game – there are ups and downs, you’re fighting, training, preparing, performing. So this is definitely a game to me. I’m not playing ‘the game’, but I am playing a game. This is sport.

Perché lo hai chiamato “Sport”?

Sport isn’t about football and athletics. It’s because Sport is a powerful word that means a lot to a lot of people, it inspires a range of emotions, it inspires devotion.

E’ un disco punk?

It’s 14 tracks of difficult to categorise music, that draws on the spirit of punk.

1) Because it samples punk; using its sonics in a modern way.

2) Because it embraces the spirit and attitude of railing against everything else – big festival circuits, dry social media profiles and ‘music that people will like’

However, Sport is not mindlessly aggressive.

Lasciaci qualche consiglio per noi giornalisti.

Refrain from using terms such as ‘no-wave techno’, ‘grey-scale industrial textures’ or ‘hard-as-nails technoise’. It’s a good idea to actually listen to the music before you attempt to pigeon-hole it. Don’t ask me for exclusive content to accompany your piece – there are enough shit mixes on the internet without having to trainwreck 60 mins of music that was never meant to go together.

Questa intervista non è mai avvenuta; questa intervista accade di continuo.

Maurizio Narciso

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