The Books – The Way Out

Data di Uscita: 20/07/2010

Un breve ascolto, durante la lettura

Our Clumsy Growing Love
di Filippo Righetto

So it is.

our clumsy growing love, a field choked with briars now

yeah… and if it’s a wall, then you should cast a shadow.
or maybe possibly, it’s a thought you think is true,
when you appear to be: belief, belief.

a wall built up with indifference and compromises
everything but solid… wasn’t it obvious?

I never loved a wall so much.

I never hated a wall so much

hey yeah…
asleep in a chair,
where the two go click.

hey yeah…
with our back to the columns you were sleeping but I didn’t,
holding your hand and secretly smiling.

look at the floor, flat pattern order.
oh, it’s the great power one receives from a very modest source,
oh, and you don’t feel a thing,
when you drink from the springs of living water.

the sound of an accordion gets better
as the extremities draw closer

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