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Data di Uscita: 10/11/2009

We Understand Each Other
di Lorenzo Righetto

I said I was going to look for you in the grassland beyond the mountains, where you spread your wings in the early morning dew, spinning around your relentless waves of auburn hair. Yes, I said that. And I mean to do it. I will run like a mad hound at you, howling to the fauna of little rodents, and do all that things that young lovers do when they can think of nothing else except their beloved ones. You will spring out of the stream, while I’m struggling to stand on a staggering path. A nymph, a spray of light, Water itself… HA!

We will dance… Or, rather, you will hold me, like a mother, while I’m sobbing and crying, overwhelmed by such golden beauty flowing into me. I see your face, and I wonder where you live, where you hide, where you dream. What are your dreams like? Are you chased through the dark, in endless, menacing woods? Do you wake up in the middle of the night, in a cold sweat, terrified by the rustling of leaves? That was me, losing my sleep in a lousy shack, down there where Death peeks at you in street corners. Don’t frown at me, Woman, you don’t know what real life looks like.

Come with me, we will have kids and raise them like a pack of wolves, so that they will run upon the whole Earth, tearing and slashing. All pretty, little monsters, they’ll be. And we will stand on the greatest of heights, king and queen of thousands of wasted lives. There was a time when I thought we could live in peace, immersed in the violent stream of daily meanness: no, we must part from that, we have to if we are to survive.

And you must come with me. We understand each other.

We understand each other.
We understand each other.

What a beautiful day, to rest here in the fragrant breeze. Let all disappear in this whitish haze, I will find you when silence shatters.

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